• To send a free virtual postcard, fill in the names, e-mail addresses, and message in the white areas provided. Make sure you have the correct e-mail addresses.

  • Then click on the below the picture of your choice. A dot will appear in the center.

  • If you wish to add poetry, it is selected the same way: by clicking on the beside the poem you have selected so that a dot appears in the center.

  • The heading and the music are selected by clicking on the one you want.....your choice will be "highlighted" which means the colors of the background and the text will be reversed.

  • When you think it is the way you want it, click on the bar about three inches under your recipients e-mail address that says "Click here to proceed."

  • You will go to a page where the card you have made will appear. If you want to make changes, use the BACK button on your browser to return to the original page. Make your changes and click on the "Click here to proceed" bar again. You can go back and make changes as many times as you like using your browser BACK button.

  • When it is the way you want it, click on the bar that says "Send this card." You will go to a page that will tell you "Your card was sent!"

  • Congratulation!
    You have brightened somebody's day.

    Thank you for using CUSTARD PIE POSTCARDS!

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